About the Finnish Permaculture Association

Finnish Permaculture Association is a nonprofit organization founded in 2016. It's purpose is to advance a sustainable lifestyle and society based on the permaculture philosophy. Permaculture is an ecological design methodology based on the ethical principles of earth care, people care and fair share. It's used to design sustainable human habitats by observing, emulating and utilising natural processes and patterns.

Finnish Permaculture Association strives to:

  • Advance the awareness of permaculture in Finland
  • Assemble important information about permaculture solutions for the northern climate and thus support their development and application
  • Inform about projects and educational events involving permaculture in Finland
  • Function as a part of the international permaculture network in the Nordic countries and beyond

The association is politically and religiously unaffiliated.

As a member of the association you'll be able to join us in learning about a sustainable lifestyle, meet likeminded people and support work to advance permaculture in Finland.

Everybody is welcome!

You can join the association our holvi shop

Membership for one year costs 25 euros, or 10 euros for the disadvantaged.