Frustrations in long term plans

My name is Alexis D Jutras, originally from the french speaking ethnicity of Canada and have been living in Finland for the last 9 years. My story with permaculture started around 3-4 years ago. Since then I have learned, studied and practised on my own until I attended a meeting of the Permaculture association. People being met, new friends brought to my circle, I ended up joining forces with a friend to re-start the permaculture study group of Helsinki. At the same time, I had already started a new project where I live, in Espoo. This project is a forest garden which I named Lumottu Lehto, in Finnish, and Enchanted Grove in English.

An open answer to an open letter

Some time ago J.M. Korhonen put an open letter to nature organisations and those moving around in nature up to his website. The question was: “Where would you direct the resuscitation money? The obvious answer is of course: Permaculture education. But since the board got the question it was decided during a board meeting to write about how Permaculture could help during crisis times and afterwards form a personal point of view. 

Find 3 paragraphs below: